I know Jen both professionally and personally. She’s well equipped to care for the unique needs of puppies from all breeds but especially toy breed dogs. She recently transported a puppy for me from my door to the door of his new home. I received updates along the way and knew if there were any issues he would be appropriately cared for. He arrived to his new home bouncy, curious and happy, completely unphased! I would definitely recommend Jen if you want safe, reliable transport for one of your babies.


Kristi Green, Knockout Chihuahuas 🇺🇸

I had the greatest opportunity to have met this lady! I highly recommend her work. Jen helped me with one of the hardest delivery during this pandemic period and lockdown. I will never be enough thankful to her. She brought my almost 7 months old chihuahua puppy from Italy to his new mommy in the US.

Jen planned the trip in a perfect way. Tried to find the less layovers possible for a faster travel back home! She always stayed in contact with me before-during-after delivery.

She sent me a lot of pictures, and I am so grateful for this. Cause she knew how much I’m apprehensive and sensitive. Plus she’s a breeder too! And so she perfectly knows how to do everything, and knows the feelings that breeder and owner have before departure of puppy.

She made it through thousand difficulties and adventures, but she’s so brave and smart! The best pet nanny I have ever used. She’s also very kind and nice. Pleased to have spent a morning with her, she’s a brilliant person. I could not have asked for a better service and meeting!

Jen took perfectly care of the puppy like if he was one of her own. She prepared everything for his departure! Bag, comfy pillow, pads, playpen, leash, bowls and either toys! She was just amazing. My puppy immediately felt comfortable with her, he knew he could trust her blindly. Treated him like a little prince! He was really happy with her. Despite the distance.. they traveled overseas in just one day!

Once again, I highly recommend her. You won’t be deceived.

Jessica 🇮🇹


I can’t thank you enough for bringing my Chanti in such great condition and spirit. I loved the constant updates and how they were not stressed thanks to your experience and expertise. If you ever need a recommendation, feel free to have them reach out to me.


Brenda Reyes from Paso Fino’s CC 🇺🇸

Awesome service, punctual and very professional. Jen puts your pet first. She is truly an animal lover. So thankful for Jen’s deal and commitment.

Gabriela López 🇲🇽

This is the most needed and best business ever. I hate flying in the best of times and refuse now at all. Now I have the most amazing solution. So Happy with this service. Jen pulled off the impossible and got my transport from Europe to Florida. I have never seen anyone work that hard to make such a difficult transport come together. The whole time , the comfort of my new puppy was her number one concern. I can not ever imagine hiring anyone else to transport any of my dogs. Are there anymore than 5 stars? 

Babz Mahony 🇺🇸

Why We're Different

Jen's years of experience with dogs provides you a unique opportunity when transporting your pet across the country, or across the world. Her ONLY focus is your pet!

Unlike other pet and flight nanny services, Jen provides her years of experience with canines of all types, shapes and sizes. With that comes a sense of security, knowing your nanny has the travel experience but also the skills and knowledge for caring for puppies of all ages, as well as pet specific needs and emergencies that often times, other services can't provide.

Other nanny services employee airline personnel who are able to fly for free. While this may save some costs upfront the potential for stress and possible emergency issues can arise.

For example, airline employees must travel standby. If they cannot get on a flight this means more time in the airport for the animal, creating unnecessary stress and anxiety. For that reason, we fly on confirmed airline tickets.

While most of these airline employees are animal lovers, statistically speaking the majority are not breeders or experienced in medical animal care. For example, tending to brachiocephalic dogs who can overheat very quickly or small breed dogs and puppies that could have bouts of hypoglycemia. Jen's years of experience brings peace of mind in knowing she can tend to all of these situations.

Confirmed Airline Tickets
With confirmed airline tickets you have a specific time of departure and arrival to plan around, reducing stress on not only the pets but the humans as well!
Necessary Animal Care Supplies
Different animals require different care, including ice packs, nutritional supplements, cooling agents, and other breed specific supplies.
One-On-One Care
From the moment they are in our hands, they are treated like family. Socialization is key for any dog and it is proven that Jen's years of experience in canine sports provides this key to every dog she is gifted to work with.

Ready to transport your Four Legged Fluff Ball?