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What is a Pet Flight Nanny?
A pet flight nanny brings your dog or cat into the cabin on an airplane and flies with it from one location to the other, providing one-one-one care and comfort.
Are You Licensed and Insured?

We sure are! We are also registered with the USDA, so you can rest assured – We got you covered!

What Locations Do You Travel To?
We service the entire United States and Canada. For international accommodations, please contact us directly. Each country/regions has different rules and requirements.
What Do You Charge For Your Services?
Domestic In-Cabin Flight Nanny Services range from $450 to $750 in the 48 contiguous states $1500 to $2500 for Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico.   

International In-Cabin Flight Nanny Services range from $1800 to $3500. 

The range varies when flying into small/regional airports, which require more connections and time. The average is $200 per leg (per airport for international flights) plus travel expenses. (I.E. airport parking, overnight/hotel stay requirements, etc) 


Domestic Airfare Direct Flights $350.00 + Airline Pet Fee $125.00 + Service Fee $450.00 = $925.00 total
International Airfare 2 Stop Flights $950.00 + Hotel $100.00 + Airline Pet Fee $225.00 + Service Fee including hotel stay $1800.00 = $3075.00 total

Do You Fly Stand-By or on a Confirmed Ticket??
Through my experience, I have found the standby option to be less out of pocket but more troublesome than it’s worth. Especially during the current travel enviroment, the ability to get onto flights is less likely and lacks the ability for all parties to actually make consistant plans. Basically, everything is up in the air, causing more stress than this happy experience should include. I fly on confirmed airline tickets. 

Additionally, I will list the elected airline’s pet fee ($99-200) for in-cabin travel and include that in the quote total. Please do not ask me to sneak the animal onto the plane or state it is my service animal.

What Type of Payments Do You Accept?
Payments are accepted via Paypal (friends & family), Cash App, Venmo, and Direct deposit. 

We require a Non-Refundable $25 Processing Fee for us to research and quote ALL Delivery Requests. This processing fee must be paid or the request can not be processed. If our services are selected,  the fee will be applies to the total.

Airfare and Pet Fee must be paid in FULL before a confirmed date is scheduled. These “deposits” are NON-REFUNDABLE once transport is booked and scheduled.   

While the deposit must be paid in order to book/hold a tentative date, the remainder of fees must be paid upon arrival at receiving airport/location.

What Do Your Flight Service Fees Include?

All transport services include transporting with USDA approved kennels, purified water, multiple exercise breaks (not for cats and puppies under 11 weeks), disposable litter pans and pet bedding and 24/7 nanny access. You will also receive text and photo updates during your pet’s adventure. For international transports, the fee also includes boarding care while staying at the hotel and in transit to and from airports. 

Flight Pet Nanny transporting Chinese Crested puppies from Turkey to the United States
Flight Pet Nanny transporting a chihuahua puppy
 Flight Pet Nanny transporting a Chihuahua from Venice Italy to the United States
Flight Pet Nanny transporting a chihuahua puppy

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