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Your pet will fly with Jen, an experienced and trusted nanny, to any destination in North America as well as Internationally! This is by far the best way to fly any pet under 20 pounds.

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pet nanny picking up a cat imported from Russia
pet nanny transporting a french bulldog to his new owner
Flight Pet Nanny transporting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
pet nanny transporting a chihuahua to the US from Italy

Get To Know Jen

Located in Central Florida, she has been in the world of canine sports for over 15 years and the influencer known as the “BISB” from the YouTube channel of the same name

As a breeder, exhibitor and owner of Chihuahuas as well as other purebred dogs, she has the exprience to get your canine companion across the country, or across the globe with the care and experience her years in the sport provide.

Having raised brachiocephalic dogs, she has transported several special needs breeds. All transport adventures include one-on-one communication, including photos and regular updates throughout the entire trip, until your four-legged loved one is “home”. You may also see the trip spotlighted on a vlog episode on the BISB Channel! 


BISB YouTube Channel

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