As a fellow breeder, Jen loves working with you in getting your precious puppies to their forever families safe and sound. The goal is to make this already challenging experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Are you a breeder that needs transport services for your puppies? We have you covered!

If you are a breeder with, be sure to inquire about our Breeder’s Frequent Flyer Program where you will receive discounts on multi puppy transports as well as transport fee discounts that you can pass down to your forever families!

Poodle Puppy Flight Nanny Transport

Frequent Flyer Program

Chihuahua Puppy Flight Nanny Transport

Transport Tips For Breeders

Our Number One Tip… CRATE TRAINING!!!

If you’re potty training, traveling or just looking for a safe place for your puppies to call their own, crate training is the way to go! Your puppies’ forever families with be forever thankful as well.

Crate training is extremely beneficial when flying with a pet in the cabin along with transporting them in vehicles, once they are at their final destination. We would all hate for the airline to question the noise and behavior of the puppy as it is about to board the plane!

For these reasons, we suggest that breeders begin crate training at least one week prior to their scheduled fight.

Flight Pet Nanny transporting a chihuahua puppy
Flight Pet Nanny transporting a chihuahua puppy
Flight Pet Nanny transporting a chihuahua puppy
Flight Pet Nanny transporting a Poodle puppy

The Day of The Transport

Figgy Flight Nanny/Jen will meet you at the airport at the scheduled pickup time provided in your flight itinerary. You will be notified in a group message when she arrives and will meet you curbside, outside of the arrivals or at baggage claim. We prefer curbside pickup, so you don’t have to pay for parking. If you would like to come in to say your good-byes, baggage claim would be your option. If you are meeting at Orlando International Airport, you can also select to meet at the cell parking lot near Terminal C.

Figgy Flight Nanny/Jen provide a soft-sided airline approved travel carrier to transport the pet if you select that option. If you would like to provide your own travel carrier please let us know and be sure to adhere to the airline travel carrier measurements.

Getting Ready 

Be sure your little fluff ball is ready for their adventure!
  • Bathe the puppy, kitten, dog or cat
  • No eating at least 2-3 hours prior to pickup
  • Potty before pickup
  • Provide a blanket with the mother’s scent on it and/or a familiar toy
  • Provide a small bag of dry food for the pet
  • Any paperwork (registration papers/contract/health certificate/passport for International travel)

Pet Carrier Options

Airline Travel Requirements

  • Pet(s) should be less than 20 lb.
  • Only soft sided carriers are permitted and must not exceed 18L x 12H x 12W
  • No plastic kennels or metal crates allowed

Options for Selecting a Carrier

You may provide your own pet carrier.
Your pet carrier must meet the requirements above and be pre-approved by Figgy Flight Nanny/Jen prior to the start of your pet’s transport. Sending a picture of the carrier via email or text would be advisable (we may also ask for the measurements of the carrier if we are unfamiliar with your choice). Many families prefer this option as they can then transport the pet home in the same carrier and crates a smoother transition.

You may use our In-Cabin Carrier Service 
Use of our In-Cabin Carrier Service means we will provide the appropriate sized pet carrier which will be clean and sanitized and include pee pads, wipes, a toy and blanket. The carrier remains with the pet nanny at the end of transport and the family will need to provide their own carrier for transport to their final destination. 

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Ready to transport your Four Legged Fluff Ball?