Domestic In-Cabin Flight Nanny Services

domestic pet nanny transport services in Florida

Our pet nanny, Jen flies with your pet on the airplane and escorts them from their origin to their destination, and hand delivers the pet to you at the airport


Our in-cabin flight nanny services are our fastest form of transport for pets weighing under 20 lbs. We will arrange everything that your pet will need for the flight. We do not have any breed restrictions. Jen will meet you in the departure section of the airport, just as if you were dropping off a family member at the airport. She will be waiting to receive the pet and the health certificate.

All flights are same-day drop off when you choose this flight option. No matter what option you choose, your pet will be handled with the best care and will always be treated as a family member by Jen!

All transport services include transporting with USDA approved kennels, purified water, multiple exercise breaks (not for cats and puppies under 11 weeks), disposable litter pans and pet bedding and 24/7 nanny access. You will also receive text and photo updates during your pet’s adventure.

In-cabin flight nanny services fees:

  • $450 to $750 in the 48 contiguous states
  • $1500 to $2500 for Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico.

This fee does not include the airline ticket, airline’s pet in-cabin fee*, the travel crate, or any other costs associated with your pet’s travel.

*Pet Fees ($95 – $150) – airlines require this fee when flying with “in-cabin” pets and will need to be added to the delivery fee and paid to the flight nanny (airline pet fee receipt will be provided)

  • Transports are booked on a first come first served basis with regard to dates and Jen’s availability.
  • In order to schedule a transport, the pet must be able to fit into a soft sided carrier, no larger than 18”x12”x12” and weigh no more than 20 lbs. (If Pet is larger than 20 lbs and unable to fly, the pet will be denied transport and NO REFUND will be permitted)
  • Payments are accepted via Paypal (friends & family), Cash App, Venmo, and Direct Deposit.
  • We require a Non-Refundable $25 Processing Fee which pays for our time while we research, prepare for, and schedule your pet’s flight adventure from start to finish. This processing fee must be paid or the request can not be processed. If our services are selected,  the fee will be applies to the total.
  • Airfare and Pet Fee must be paid in FULL before a confirmed date is scheduled. These “deposits” are NON-REFUNDABLE once transport is booked and scheduled.
  • While the deposit must be paid in order to book/hold a tentative date, the remainder of fees must be paid upon arrival at receiving airport/location. 
  • Once agreement and deposit are received by Figgy Flight Nanny/Jen, will then work a tentative date with all parties involved.
  • 48 hours prior to transport, Jen will contact shipper and receiver to confirm meet up location.
  • All parties involved will need to have access to a cellphone with text messaging capabilities in order to communicate properly.
    international pet flight nanny transport services

    International In-Cabin Flight Nanny Services

    Our pet nanny, Jen flies with your pet on the airplane and escorts them from their origin to their destination, and hand delivers the pet to you at the airport

    pet nanny transport services in Florida

    Private Florida Ground Transport

    Our pet nanny, Jen transports your pet within the state of Florida for a private transport charge, plus a per mile fee.

    We Love Breeders!

    As a fellow breeder, Jen loves working with you in getting your precious puppies to their forever families safe and sound. The goal is to make this already challenging experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.